Our Story

When our 4th and 5th children Ben and Ty were born with medical needs that kept us close to home, I started baking as a creative outlet. What started out as a hobby turned into 15 years of making cakes for all occasions. I also made thousands of cake pops for my clients, but as I did I kept thinking there just HAD to be an easier way!

I started seeing lots of beautifully decorated chocolate oreos but those molds didn’t give me any room for other fillings, so I decided to design my own way to make chocolate covered desserts!

It has been a long process, but we couldn’t be more excited to share our Cake Puck molds with you because everyone should be able to make a dessert that looks as good as it tastes. No more hassle and headache when it comes to covering your favorite treats in chocolate!

I love coming up with new recipes and sharing ideas with you and I think you will love Cake Pucks as much as we do!

Happy Pucking!

Beth and the Benty Boys