White Brown and Green Chocolate covered Cake Pucks

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Gloves, piping bags and more. These links are items I get asked about often that make my life easier (and just more fun.) If you use a link below I may receive an Amazon commission.

Heart candy molds

Impression mat


Best Gloves - I go through these like crazy.


Piping bags

Best piping bags. I love the larger size. Less refilling as I go. Price is great and they come with little ties which are ESSENTIAL to keep the melted chocolate from seeping up onto your hands.

Piping tips


Plastic boxes


Bosch mixer




Jenaluca set


Jenaluca scoop mini


Apple corer


Food safe wire floral stems




2" hole punch


Edible ink marker


Bakery wax tissue



Brushes for luster dust


Luster dust 

Dried flowers


Letter stencils


Bag clips


Pattern stencils


Christmas puck decor


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